August 8, 2017

Off the shoulder tops - a Summer must have!

summer look5 

 I wish I could wear this style of tops and dresses all year long, they are so flattering and I feel it can turn your look into a sexy one - the subtle, feminine kind. 
I also wish I could have more time to get back into my usual blogging schedule, but it's not that simple. I also wish I could travel more and experience exciting things. And I wish the heat could cool down a bit, it's exhausting me.
 This post is filled with wishes it seems, I guess we all revise our wishlist every now and then, don't we? 
 In the meantime, my attention is focused on Game of thrones and Broadchurch, who else is hyped about these series? I know they have different themes, but hey are both equally captivating, too bad they are so short though!

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Wearing: thrifted shorts, Bershka top, Stradivarius sandals and necklaces, vintage earrings.

July 30, 2017

Summer raspberry cupcakes

raspberry cupcakes3

It's been ages since last time I baked something sweet! Truth be told, the heat has not been very friendly and I wasn't really up to start on the oven to create even more heat inside the house, but I thought of all these wonderful seasonal fruits I love and that really got me into baking again!

 I thought of something simple that I really enjoy doing, raspberry cupcakes! I've never tried this recipe before, hence I was a little disappointed by the way the frosting came out, which, as you can see, it actually turned into a glaze. Not that it is not delicious, it looks really glossy and pink, but it was not exactly what I wanted to achieve.
  raspberry cupcakes  
I also put some raspberries inside the though, to add more savor and sweetness to it, and let's admit, we all love a surprise in the middle right?

  raspberry cupcakes2

This is how they are supposed to look after 20 minutes in the oven. The inside is so soft, just a typical sponge cake, perfectly made I must say!

  raspberry cupcakes4raspberry cupcakes5 raspberry cupcakes6 raspberry cupcakes1  

Now, here's the recipe, if you are interested in trying it.

 For the dough: 2 eggs, 175 grams of flour, 150 grams of caster sugar, 100 grams of softened butter, 1 tbs of baking powder, some almond or vanilla extract, a few fresh raspberries, and 100 ml of yogurt. 

 For the glaze: 150 grams of powder sugar, 100 grams of softened butter, and raspberry syrup made from 200 grams of raspberries. 

 About the raspberry syrup, I really wanted to add the raspberry flavor to the frosting, so I mixed the fresh raspberries with 3 table spoons of water and half a cup of sugar, I let them stir for a few minutes at low heat and then I filtered the seeds, leaving only the heavy syrup. 
I added this to the butter and sugar, mixed them all at high speed and the result was this glossy pink glaze that is so delicious! 
I bet that if I added some whipped cream, the result would've been a rich, foamy frosting instead, but there is always a next time!

Let me know if you are curious to try this recipe!
Happy Sunday guys!

July 17, 2017

Summer layers

july look3  

Already half of Summer has gone by and I am still looking forward to my vacation (soon, very soon!) and I don't know about you, but I feel that apart from eating ice cream and cursing the heat, I haven't done much this Summer. I didn't even get a change to swim or buy a new maxi dress!
 Oh well, there is still time I guess; struggling between two jobs with a sick cat does not give me much time for anything lately, one of the reasons of my MIA, actually.

  I hope you are spending this season far more better than I am!

  july look4july look july look5 july look0 july look6  

Wearing: C&A dress, Atmosphere cardigan, vintage bag, Zara shoes.